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About me

Just a place for me to put whatever I want that is more personal to me...
Last changed on 06/01/05.
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Out of town trips / Vacations

Here I can throw pictures of trips I have gone on, or places I have traveled to for holidays.
Last changed on 08/07/05.
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Around town

This is an album where I can just throw pictures I take of places I go around town and the different things I see. Totaly random, with no real point other then taking up space on the web!
Last changed on 07/14/04.
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Airsoft & Paintball Events / Equipment

Here are some pictures I took from both sports I play, Airsoft & Paintball. Included in this album are images from games and events, players I know, and eqiupment we use on the field
Last changed on 09/25/06.
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No highlight!

A section where I can put things I come across while trolling the internet that I find funny
Last changed on 12/13/06.
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