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Bedroom Cityscape!
August 23, 2012, 08:26:20 AM by Telnets

So after completing 98% of my basement reno (Ill get around to painting it later damnit!) I decided to switch gears and work on a project I've had in mind for the Master Bedroom. My goal was simple.. To create something unique, but subtle.. I didn't want anything too bold or dramatic because after all, it is the room I relax in each night before going to sleep... This is what I came up with!

I ended up creating a skyline of the City where I live (10 points to those of you who guess which city it is!) out of MDF, and then added a 10 meter strip of LED lighting to the back to create a silhouette effect as if your looking at the city from a distance at night.

Overall I think it turned out pretty good! Its unique, subtle, and I kept under my $200 budget!

For more pics of the build, click here for the Gallery

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July 06, 2012, 03:41:53 PM by Telnets

Yeah Yeah, its been a while since I posted, IVE BEEN BUSY OKAY! GAWD! :)

Anyhow, aside from renovating my basement lately, I saw a picture in a local shop that I absolutely loved... except the shop wanted 300 bucks for a friggan print! Forget that!

So I send a picture of it to my buddy who painted the Cave Johnson Picture for me for my portal room. He re-created it in Oil on Canvas for me at a size of 24"x28" which is perfect for above my fireplace!

I couldn't be happier and at 1/3rd the cost of a print!!

Next up - Backlit Cityscape feature wall for my master bedroom! Bow-chicka-Bo..... wait that doesn't work at all...

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Alan Wake
February 26, 2012, 04:12:58 PM by Telnets

I haven't done a game review in a very long time, but since I really have nothing else to do today I figured I would write one up for a new game called Alan Wake.

If your interested in reading about it, go check it out in the Articles Section under the PC Game Reviews heading

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Kindle Screen Saver Gallery
February 19, 2012, 11:36:20 AM by Telnets

Hey all...
As an expansion of my Hunger Games Kindle Screensavers I made, I decided to do a bunch more and setup a Gallery of them for you to download if you like.

Find the Gallery here

All Screensavers were converted by myself, so you wont find them anywhere else.. Well.. unless some ass-hat rips them off and uploads them somewhere without my knowledge... Nah.. people on the interwebs would NEVER do that!! angry

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The Hunger Games District Kindle Screen Savers
February 09, 2012, 10:45:01 AM by Telnets

This is going to come as a shock to the 2 or 3 visitors I have... but a little known personal fact about me... I read books, and I read them quite a bit actually grin I also never wanted a Kindle, I was one of those people who liked the paper copies of my book when I was reading..

A few Christmases ago, I bought my GF (Now my EX) a Kindle because she wanted to get one, but before Christmas came she ended up leaving because growing up was not on her list of things she wanted to do apparently. Bitches be crazy I tell ya… Anyhow... I decided to just keep the damn Kindle for myself and give it a try.. .

I know your all in tears over this sad story but don’t worry there is a happy ending.. Not that kind of happy ending you perv... I mean I ended up liking the Kindle a lot and glad I never gave it to her in the first place kiss

After about a week, I made it my mission in life to get rid of those stupid default screen savers and replace them with my own. Searching around I came across this handy little site with some step-by-step instructions on how to do just that!

Anyhow, long story short… I recently read The Hunger Games and am also anticipating the movie coming out in March, but hoping Hollywood doesn’t fuck it up like pretty much everything else they do now a days...

For something to do, I converted all the district posters (If you read the book you would know what the hell im talking about) into Kindle Screen Saver format and have them available for download if you’re interested!

Grab Them here

Drop me a line what you think if you decide to use them!

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